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ASBNN’s Abrupt Rise & The Unfortunate Fall of TNN


Sitting in class today, our teacher pulls up a Youtube page with “offline” blown up on the screen. Expecting another overly repeated awareness video or the prom announcement for the 50th time, I was somewhat surprised to see a quickly put-together Tiger News Network copy up on the screen calling themselves ASBNN.

“I feel that the name itself, ASBNN, connotates a mockery and a caricature of TNN, a program that I, along with the other anchors and crew, took much pride in,” said TNN anchor, senior Josh Dorman. Now, each day at the start of second period, two of the most well-known students pop up and proceed to repeat exactly what the announcement over the loud speaker would have said, but just laughing their way through it in front of the camera trying to get a reaction from those watching.

“I think we already see enough of ASB [Associated Student Body]’s leaders and it was a breath of fresh air to see less visible and more neutral presenters,” said TNN anchor, senior Dana Culpepper.  It made me sad to think that ASB could attempt to copy the program and turn it into a spoof of the TNN class, which had worked hard to make the bulletin as professional as possible. Not to mention that the newscasters had to audition for the position and practice for the bulletin. “I was disappointed [ASB] hadn’t contacted the TNN crew to ask if it was okay or get our involvement,” said Culpepper. While TNN was running, the school got to see people that may not be as well-known become comfortable in front of the whole school presenting the news each morning.

“I appreciate ASB’s attempt to fill the gap TNN left. It’s definitely better than reading [the daily bulletin]on the loudspeaker. However, I can’t help but be disappointed that ASB has taken over a job we had [previously]trained for and enjoyed,” said Culpepper. Although news for our school is important and crucial, especially to our graduating seniors, it should have been taken into consideration that there were people that were overlooked in this transition. “I took pride in good broadcasts and miss it!” said Culpepper. TNN is currently not working because an important technical component that allows the program to broadcast broke, making TNN unable to continue their daily bulletins for this school year.

“We had been looking for a solution to the technical problem TNN has, and instead of sharing their solution, it appears that ASB has taken over the program completely without our consent,” said Dorman.  TNN will be back up and running next year, but for the seniors who had worked on and took pride in the program, they will never get this chance again. “Since TNN’s creation two years ago, both the anchors and the crew have worked tirelessly to give SLO High what we have deemed to be a professional production. ASB has clearly overstepped their boundaries and created a conflict where people are hurt and [other senior’s]legacies are completely glossed over,” said Dorman.

TNN gave students outside of ASB a chance to be seen and heard by the entire campus, making it important that they take over, or at least be included in ASBNN until the end of the school year. The TNN crew would probably make the broadcasts a more involved and professional production, unlike the students running the program now.


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  1. Eric Osmond on

    I think it’s pathetic how ASB just ran in to steal the spotlight without contacting the TNN crew first.

  2. I should add that I recently found out that ASB contacted Mrs. Jones (TNN’s teacher) before starting ASBNN, but that contact was never extended to the TNN anchors.

    Thanks, Ally, for letting me voice my opinion on the subject!

    • As an involved scholar at slohs I believe that asbnn is avenging tnn and we should put our differences aside and just be happy that we can be happy with what we have because asbnn is actually slightly better than tnn and it wouldntve happened if yall didn’t get it together fam like cmon

      • I think you’re missing the point that TNN is in the process of being fixed, and the reason it is taking so long is that Networking is not an easy subject and it will take a substantial amount of time to put back up. I’m also curious why you would say that ASBNN is anywhere near better than TNN, especially considering how unprofessional and mainstream it is. I never feel informed and I feel that they lack constitution and consistency. If I wanted to laugh during the bulletin I could just look up something on the internet, not watch a bunch of ASB Seniors with alter egos try to rustle up some laughs by messing up or throwing people out of chairs. Also, the whole seagull thing is just terrible. That’s not news, and that can hardly be considered any kind of film, even if they were trying to make it look satirical.

  3. SLO High Student on

    I think this article is disrespectful, malicious,
    And slanderous to an organization that does so much for our campus. It appears to me that there is no attempt to “mock” TNN, only to provide the students with the announcements/entertainment in the school day. I think the individuals interviewed in this article need to look in the mirror next time they do their hair in the morning and ask themselves, “who am I to negotiate a deal with ASB in regards to a webcam show for 10 minutes?” Are you two from KSBY or CNN or something? Reality check. Most important of all, this idea to my highly sourceful knowledge was ran by administration, AND Mrs. Jones, and all parties gave permission to this broadcast. In fact, even Mr. Oconnor’s children watch ASBNN, so tell us Expressions, what other opinions need to be voiced? Just voicing mine, a student who isn’t even in ASB but highly respects and appreciates what they do. And lastly to the reporter of this article, how dare you on the attack of “awareness” videos! Are you undermining the value and meaning of mental health and general awareness on campus? Your statement was pompous, ignorant, and dirty.

  4. Technical Expert on

    What “technical issue” are you guys having that is preventing a livestream?? Livestreaming is stupid simple if you know what you are doing, and i’m not trying to talk crap, but you guys seem pretty inexperienced if theres really one crucial thing that is holding you back from streaming.

    • TNN crew member on

      The atem switcher (the thing everything plugs into, but I’m sure you already knew that being the savant that you are 🙂 ) had all of the circuitry fried due to an unfortunate malfunction. If you actually spent the time to look into things instead of making fun of people with no motive or proof, then you would know that replacing that machine would cost 5000$+ and more to try to fix it. But if you are such a genius, feel free to stop by and fix the old one with your technological mastery! Thanks for your time 🙂

  5. Disappointed to read such a biased and one-sided article from Expressions, especially one that fails to report that the teacher advisor from TNN was informed. Portraying ASB as an organization that formed these broadcasts simply for more attention is a misrepresentation as TNN is unable to run, therefore there was a need to get informatio out to students in a way that is visual and efficient,

  6. Allison Turner on

    Disappointed. Is article only portrays the views of half of the TNN anchors. How could you not ask for another opinion from the other half of the cast. Personally, I am insulted that you personally glossed over us, leaving out our views. Talk about glossing over people. You light ASB, a hardworking, innovative group of students, as shallow and superficial. I believe that you owe an apology to the other anchors and to our ASB.

  7. I was never a huge fan of TNN but I do see this move by ASB as a bit unfair to their anchors. They worked incredibly hard all year on TNN and to see the year end with their work simply being hijacked by the already popular ASB without their consent isn’t cool.

  8. Zane Leslie on

    I’m very upset that my previous comment was deleted, so I decided to revise it because imagine how tragic it would be for the actual tnn crew to get a say in this.

    Here is my revised list of views.

    1. The TNN crew does not include the anchors. The fact that ANYBODY has yet to ask any of the people who actually work on TNN is unacceptable.

    2. Hey anchors, I know that it must be devastating for you to not be able to get your spotlight for a whole 2 weeks, but maybe you should consider how the rest of the people (who clean up after your mistake every day) feel.

    3. I understand that the anchors are all popular, especially Dana and Josh. And based on all the other “unbiased” selections of views on most of the other articles in this school, it’s not uncommon to see the actual views of the common student to be overlooked because of their social status. This being said, The anchors are a VERY biased source of opinion for the TNN crew, especially considering that they almost entirely ignore our existence.

    4. Once again, Anchors, Just because somebody stole your spotlight does not give you the right to speak for any of the people in TNN, and in fact, most of your views if not all of them are not shared by a single one of the TNN workers.

    5. Please do not glorify the position of the anchors. The people who are actually behind the cameras, teleprompters, and switchers, should be seen as the “TNN” crew, not all of the anchors. And with that, I would once again like to restate that you should not take this article as a representation of TNN, because the anchors do not engage themselves with the production at all.

    6. In another point to the anchors, this is not a TNN production, this is an ASB production. While this is not as DECEITFUL AND BETRAYING to me as it is for all of you, this is not for you, I know you think that you “deserve” to invade their production, but when has ASB ever invaded our productions and kicked you out of the studio to give their announcements? (This does not include the ads they make)

    7. If you are going to say you “think we would all agree” with your views on this, then try actually taking time to ask our view, the views of the TNN crew. The crew that shares little to none of the opinions of the anchors in the article. Try asking the unpopular nerds what they think next time.

  9. I feel like ASB never asking the anchors if they would want to do the announcements was pretty messed up. The anchors earned their spots on TNN while ASB just probably chooses whoever wants to do it that day.

    In regards to the article I don’t understand why a TNN crew member or an ASB member weren’t asked to voice their opinion on something that involves them.

  10. A slightly more aggravated TNN crew member on



  11. As stated in my previous comment, as of the time I was interviewed I was not aware that Mrs. Jones and the TNN class had been notified about ASBNN and offered involvement in it. My choice of wording was poor, as I never meant to speak for the TNN crew. My words should be taken as MY opinion only, and I apologize to the TNN crew for the insinuation that I spoke for anyone other than myself.

  12. Joey Cardova on

    You know, I think that this article is very fair and I agree with every point that Ally makes about ASBNN. So what if they took over what TNN did? they are doing it better than TNN Crew ever produced and I actually like it a lot more.

  13. Guys this article is meant to be an opinion article. Why are all of you getting so riled up over this? Yes asbnn replaced tnn. Asbnn is just another way that slohs is trying to relay information to its students. It may be completely lame and it might be filed with corny jokes but it relays info. Tnn was replaced by a more unprofessional broad cast but it still relays info. I don’t get the fuss.

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