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Varsity Girls Tennis Season: A Smashing Success


As the San Luis Obispo High School fall trimester draws to a close, sports teams across campus are preparing for the end of their seasons. Heading into CIF this next week, varsity girls tennis has enjoyed an outstanding year, taking second place in a highly competitive league. Expressions spoke with senior doubles partners Chloe Wise and Riley Quinn to take a look at their season in review.

Expressions: What’s your win-loss record as a team?

Senior Chloe Wise: We are currently at 16-1. We’ve lost one match in league against A.G. [The team lost to A.G. yesterday, bringing their overall record to 16-2.]

Expressions: Who gets to play in CIF this year?

Wise: The top nine players on varsity go to CIF. This year, that’s the two of us, Natalie Ziegler, Paige Lund, Ari King, Amberly Clark, Quinn Hamilton, Lauren Ramirez, and Ashley Thorshov.

Expressions: What are your duties as team captains?

Senior Riley Quinn: All of the seniors are captains this year, though we were actually captains last year as well. Honestly, it’s a lot of work. We lead the stretches and the runs, organize things like the snack schedule and the team uniforms, and motivate our teammates.

Expressions: How has the team progressed throughout the season, on and off the court?

Quinn: All of us are really close, which definitely adds to our overall success and helps us be more cohesive on the court. Of course, we also support each other off the court.


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