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Local Coffee Shops Versus Chains


  From studying to listening to live music at Linnaea’s Cafe or Kreuzberg Coffee Company, local coffee shops are a part of what makes the San Luis Obispo community so unique. Small businesses like these unite students of San Luis Obispo High School and residents of all different ages and walks of life in a peaceful atmosphere.

   A sharp contrast to the one-of-a-kind nature of these cafes are the chain coffee companies popping up around town, such as Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee.

   While Kreuzberg and Linnaea’s are decorated with aesthetically pleasing art and abundant with friendly employees, Starbucks is surrounded with a more industrialized feel. Starbucks is known for their quick service which manifests less socialization. All of their locations are identical in setup and consequently devoid of all non homogenized character.

   The different environments between large and small business coffee shops not only affect social habits and appearance, but also the procedures while making food and drink. When supporting local cafes, customers are comforted by the fact that the food is not only fresh, but that their money is going to local people. Not to mention, the coffee is prepared in a more home-style manner with quality ingredients.

   When asked her preference between local coffee shops and chains, junior Ani Finn said, “I prefer local coffee shops because their foods seem to be better quality and their drinks are less sugary. I also tend to like the atmosphere of local coffee shops more.”

   Whether you’re sharing a latte with a friend or simply relaxing, locally run cafes give back to the community and keep SLO culture thriving.


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