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Students Favorite Christmas Movies


Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. They can range from the norm like “Elf,” “Home Alone,” and “A Christmas Story” or to odd ones like “Die Hard.” I have two… Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! Why? Because “Elf” is a kid movie for adults. Will Ferrell does all of these crazy kid-like things like spinning in a revolving door. As for Christmas Vacation? The sled scene. Expressions decided to interview some students and teachers about their opinion on what the best Christmas movie is.

Expressions: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Freshman Landon Anderson: ‘Elf”.

Sophomore Nick Ruiz: “A Christmas Story”.

ASL teacher Kristen Nusbaum: “Home Alone,” the original.

Math teacher Jimmie Johnson: Probably gonna go outside the box. I don’t know… what about “Gremlins?” It is totally set around Christmas time. The whole reason the kid gets the Gremlin is because it is Christmas and he works at a Christmas tree farm.    

Freshman Gwyneth Hais:  ‘Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Expressions: Why?

Anderson: I really like Will Ferrell, he is the best actor ever.  

Ruiz: It is just a great Christmas story, like with the whole shooting your eye out with the BB gun. It ends in a really funny way. It is a good family movie.

Nusbaum: Because Macaulay Culkin, because the Wet Bandits, because booby traps, because there is nothing better than the holiday spirit of leaving one of your children behind, and because Buzz.

Jimmie Johnson: I’m not a big scary movie kinda fan, but as a kid it was my first movie that I saw that was a scary movie that didn’t freak me out like nightmares, you know. That was my introduction to horror movies.

Hais: Because it gets you into the Christmas spirit, and they have a lot of good songs.


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