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Fly Fishing: Reeling in the Future


  From the field to the pool to the court, San Luis Obispo High School houses many incredible sports programs. With such vast athletic talent within the mainstream sports, many lesser known sports go unnoticed. Cricket and croquet are only some of the victims, but the one that really flies under the radar is fly fishing. The art of fishing is seldom recognized the way it should be, but some still understand the value. One such student is senior Lukas Mackin. An avid athlete, Expressions decided to ask him some questions to delve into his truly passionate athletic pursuits.

Expressions: What is your favorite sport?

Senior Lukas Mackin: My favorite sport that is accepted by the masses is basketball, but my favorite sport that goes unrecognized by the people is fly fishing.

Expressions: Why do you love fly fishing so much?

Mackin: I really feel as if I’m part of the natural environment, and it reminds me of my natural capabilities that are unaided by technology created by mankind.

Expressions: Are you upset that fly fishing isn’t recognized by SLOHS as a sport?

Mackin: I wouldn’t say I’m upset, but I do think it would be a cool and unique program to have on our campus.

Expressions: Have you thought about taking legitimate steps towards creating a fly fishing program at the school?

Mackin: I most certainly have thought about taking extreme measures.

Expressions: What do you mean by extreme?

Mackin: Through serious conversations and maybe a petition.


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