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Junior Stella Boller’s Insight On Girls Basketball


  During the preseason, the San Luis Obispo High School varsity girls basketball team has held their opponents to an average of 35 points per game with an extraordinary record of 9-2, only losing to Paso Robles and Sierra Pacific. Since league play has begun, they have fallen 0-2 with overwhelming defeats to Atascadero and Righetti. With need of not falling behind, Expressions interviewed junior Stella Boller to see what they need to improve on as well as stay ahead in the league standings.

Expressions: How would you compare this year’s team to last year’s team?

Junior Stella Boller: Our team dynamic is better, but we’re a young, inexperienced team.

Expressions: Are you satisfied with how your team has played so far this year?

Boller: No, there’s always room for improvement. The grind never stops.

Expressions: What can you do to improve your team’s league play after a losing start?

Boller: We could maybe win.

Expressions: Where do you think you will finish in league standings?

Boller: The future is unknown, all we can focus on is right now.


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