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Black Mirror Gains Popularity


  Last year, on December 29, the Netflix Original Series “Black Mirror” released its fourth season on air, and its popularity at San Luis Obispo High School has skyrocketed.

  The British science fiction anthology series created by writer Charlie Brooker puts our modern society under the microscope, specifically with regards to developments in technology and the unanticipated consequences that come with them.

  “It’s so interesting to watch and weird to think about. After every episode, I think the concept is so crazy, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that these things could become our reality in a few decades,” said senior Camille Piette.

  Each episode presents a conflict in a dystopian universe that results from some ripple in the atmosphere of high tech homeostasis, and uses an entirely new set of actors to tell each new story. Though each plot initially seems far fetched, what draws audiences in is the all-too-real possibility of these incredible scenarios becoming our future.

  Though each season only consists of about four episodes each, “Black Mirror” is forcing viewers everywhere to reflect on their own lives by gluing them to their couches.

  To explore the mind bending possibilities of technology in our future, be sure to catch season four of “Black Mirror” on Netflix now.


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