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Freshman Ethan Philips Adjusts to the West Coast


  It is not uncommon for new students to begin attending San Luis Obispo High School after winter break. This year, as we return to school, we welcome freshman Ethan Philips who has recently moved here from North Carolina. As a means of introduction, and possibly some sort of hazing, Expressions interviewed Ethan to get his take on SLOHS.

Expressions: When and why did you move to SLO?

Freshman Ethan Philips: My whole family moved here because there wanted a “fresh start”, but personally I was fine right where I was.

Expressions: What’s been the best part, and the worst part, about the change?

Philips: The best part is that I’m finally close to everything, whereas in North Carolina I’d have to walk at least two miles to get to the nearest store. The worst past is that I had to leave all my friends. Personally I had the best years of my life there and I’d never take it for granted.

Expressions: How is North Carolina different than California, or SLO specifically?

Philips: There’s a ton of difference, from the way people interact with you to the weather. Right now there’s a massive snow storm on the East Coast, whereas here in SLO we have clear skies. The people there were also a lot more accepting, allowing me to be more myself and take off the mask I usually wear.

Expressions: Do Californians live up to the stereotype?

Philips: Californians live up to the stereotype to the umpteenth degree. My friends and I would joke that everyone was gonna be flamboyant and super white, like valley girl white, but we never saw it as more than a stereotype. But now that I live here, it’s like “Wow, they weren’t kidding.”

Expressions: What music are you currently into?

Philips: I really like lo-fi and rap music, especially foreign rap. My favorite song rn is Achoo by Keith Ape and Ski Mask the Slump God.

Expressions: What’s the weirdest thing about the West Coast?

Philips: I find it disgusting that there’s no hallways and I actually have to go outside to get from class to class. That’s never been at any other school I’ve been to, they’ve all been closed indoor schools.


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