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The Advantages of Having a Job


  Many San Luis Obispo High School students around junior or senior year begin working. Having a job is a good way to learn responsibility and time management, and having extra money to spend or save for the future is a nice plus. Being employed is an appropriate and easy step into the world of being an adult, and despite what many may think, jobs can be arranged around a busy schedule, and can even be fun.

  “Having a job has taught me to be more confident and sure of myself, as well as how to motivate myself to do things I don’t want to do,” said senior Cammy Piette, who works at Cool Cat Cafe.

  Time management is a skill that many young adults struggle with. Procrastination causes students to fall behind, but having a job forces you to work efficiently to get all schoolwork done because you have less time to do it.

  Although it can be stressful learning how to balance school and having a job, it can also be a new and fulfilling experience. You make friends with your fellow employees because you already have one thing in common. Teamwork can even make boring tasks entertaining.

  “I like working with my coworkers because we’re all really close,” said Piette.

  Another thing a job provides is money. Being financially independent makes it so you can spend money on things and events you want, and you no longer have to ask your parents for it.

  “I have enough money to go to Italy for two weeks, and that makes the work worth it,” said senior Eve Hedges who works at Old San Luis Barbecue Company.

  As adult life approaches, many people want to do something that takes them out of their comfort zone, and teaches them something new. A part time job could be a fun and worthwhile experience to broaden your horizons.


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