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Student Plans for Careers in Arts and Entertainment


  Almost every San Luis Obispo High School student has had dreams and plans of what they want to do in the future, whether it be architecture, singing, or working for NASA or Oprah. Expressions interviewed some students that look forward to careers in the arts and or entertainment industries.

Expressions: What career do you hope for in the future?

Senior Mercedes Sutton: I’m going to go into graphic design.

Junior Ryan Walker: The career I want is to be a choir teacher. Teaching and learning music is something I’m super passionate about.

Expressions: How did you decide that’s what you want to do?

Sutton: It is basically what I do everyday because people always ask me to make things for them, so I figured, why not put a price on it?

Walker: It has been caused by a long series of events. I joined choir in middle school because a friend and I wanted to do it together. My friend moved, but I couldn’t switch out by then and ended up really enjoying it.

Expressions: Is there an ideal place to live for your career?

Sutton: There isn’t an ideal set place, but a big city would bring in the most profit just due to the need of advertisements and the amount of people.

Walker: Though I’m not sure there is an ideal place to be a choir teacher, I really want to live in a small town in Idaho and have a golden retriever named Peanut.

Expressions: When do you hope to have achieved this dream?

Sutton: I was originally planning to get into this right after high school, but after searching around, I discovered that, to ensure that I will get the job, I will have to get a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts.

Walker: I hope to have achieved my dream by the time I am thirty, but life is constantly changing, and setting goals so far in the future may be an impossible task.


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