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Seniors Talk Girls Basketball


  Winter sports at San Luis Obispo High School have all done incredibly well and girls basketball was no exception with a record of 17-9 overall and 7-7 in league. This past Saturday, the team lost to Claremont High School in the second round of CIF with a final score of 42-39. Expressions interviewed the only two seniors on this year’s team to get the inside scoop on this season, both league and CIF.

Expressions: How did being the only seniors influence the team?

Senior Chase Moore: We have the responsibility of setting good examples for the rest of the team.

Senior Daphne Hummell: Being one of the only two seniors I think makes our team feel more young and inexperienced. It makes everyone want to work harder and give each other grace because we are all learning.

Expressions: How did you prepare for the season and CIF?

Moore: We prepared through practicing, conditioning, weight lifting, scouting reports, and watching films.

Hummell: I prepared for the season and CIF by focusing on my shot and quickly taking it. Also as a team, we’d workout almost everyday and got in the gym at least twice a week.

Expressions: How was the team chemistry this year compared to years in the past?

Moore: Compared to years in the past this year has been one of the best. Our team is encouraging and uplifting of each other and we have great chemistry off and on the court.

Hummell: Our team chemistry was excellent this year. I wasn’t on varsity last year, so I don’t know how bad it was.

Expressions: Do you plan to play in college?

Moore: I plan to play intramural basketball in college.

Hummell: Not really, I will probably play in an intramural team. But I have considered at some colleges.

Expressions: Did you have any pre-game rituals?

Moore: Before the game we would stand in a circle, take a deep breath, and harmonize together. Then, each person would say something we need to focus on during the game.

Hummell: We usually did this thing called volley flow. It’s like yoga and one of our teammates did it before she would play volleyball and we adopted it. Also, we all scream to start off the game.

Expressions: What was the biggest highlight of this season?

Moore: Beating Mission at home and getting to the second round of CIF. Senior night was amazing because we have an incredible team. I felt very loved.

Hummell: Beating Mission at home and winning our first game on the road. Also, senior night was so nice. They gave us presents and made us seniors feel very loved.


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