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Snapchat Update Causes Controversy


  Snapchat has been a favorite app of students at San Luis Obispo High School for years. However, the app’s most recent update includes many changes that users find confusing and unnecessary.

  The update primarily focuses on the layout of the app. Among other changes, the popular “stories” feature was integrated with the chat page, originally only used for direct communication.

  “I think it takes away everything that made Snapchat stand out from other social media apps. Before the update, most of the content you got was only from people you were friends with, but now that the old story side has changed, I feel like there isn’t much of a difference between it and the Instagram explore page,” said sophomore Kathryn ZagRodny.

  Students aren’t the only ones confused about this change to their favorite app. Reality TV star Kylie Jenner weighed in online about the redesign.

  “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad [sic],” said Jenner in a tweet shortly following the update.

  This statement cost Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, 1.3 billion dollars in market value as their stock dropped by six percent following the post. The Kardashian-Jenners may be controversial, but it’s undeniable they have power.

  Across the globe, people have pleaded for the app to return to what it once was. Over one million people have signed an online petition demanding that the redesign be retracted, yet Snapchat has made no indication of any intention to do so.

  Many social media platforms have successfully weathered storms of backlash after major updates, Facebook and Instagram being some of the most notable. Snapchat hopes to do the same as they believe the update’s controversy to blow over in the near future.

  Snapchat’s motivation behind the update is to separate the social interaction aspect from the media and content aspect of the app.

  “One of the complaints we got is, ‘Wow, I used to feel this celebrity was my friend and now I don’t feel like they’re my friend anymore,'” said CEO and founder Evan Spiegel. “Exactly. They’re not your friend.”

  While Snapchat continues to press ahead with their new layout, many wonder if the controversy around the redesign will fade away or if it will cause the little white ghost to face its ultimate demise.




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