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Flip Phones On The Comeback


The 21st century has brought us a multitude of modern technological advancements: modern medicine, self driving cars, and most notably, the smartphone. Although the smartphone has certainly revolutionized communication, for better or worse, it has transformed the way we interact with each other. San Luis Obispo High School is no exception, as most students are accustomed to a life attached to their smartphone. However, despite the vast majority of smartphone users some students prefer more retro, old school phones and will be happy to know that Nokia is releasing a retro model of the Nokia 8110 Phone.

 Set to release later this year, the “Banana Phone”, titled due to its curved shape and its distinct yellow color (black is also available), is predicted to be a big hit due to its popularization in the late 1990s when it was seen in “The Matrix” as Keanu Reeves’s primary mode of communication. “As an avid Matrix trilogy fan, it gives me great joy to know that teenagers will now know the simple pleasures of the flip phone,” said Physical Education teacher Patrick Johnston.

 The new Nokia 8110 will certainly have some upgrades that keep it modern and technologically relevant. It boasts 4 GB and 512 MB of RAM, 4G LTE capabilities, as well as having enhanced bluetooth capability and a newly updated preinstalled version of the popular app “Snake”. Nokia also said that for fun you could easily spin the phone around its axis like a fidget spinner.

 With most companies releasing their flagship phones with increasingly advanced technology, Nokia has taken a step backwards in promoting the simplistic nature of their previous models. “Like we have seen with companies like Apple, sometimes taking the simplistic route is what the people really want and need. Nowadays the thrill of silly smartphone apps have lost their pizzaz. At the end of the day all you need is ‘Snake’ and the ability to text,” said senior Zane Leslie.


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