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A Week In The Rain With John Krill


This week in San Luis Obispo High School Sports: no sports. Due to the excessive amount of rain we’ve been getting, lots of spring sports teams have found their games being cancelled, and practices being rather difficult in the wet conditions. As much as we are in desperate need of rain here, there have been some negative effects on spring sports that Expressions decided to interview junior track and field athlete John Krill about.

Expressions: How do you personally feel about having sports with the rain?

Junior John Krill: I’ve had mixed feelings about having rain these past weeks. I’ve really enjoyed it because of the vitality it brings to the environment, however, it does interfere with the opportunities that the track team has to train because we have a dirt track.

Expressions: How has the rain overall affected team morale at practice?

Krill: Although I think that the rain has been a hindrance on our practices for track, I believe it gives people perspective on how valuable every time we get to train is, and it makes us work harder when we do have good weather.

Expressions: Have you had any meets or games canceled yet?

Krill: We haven’t has any meets canceled yet, maybe this week though.

Expressions: Are there any positive aspects to the rain with your sport?

Krill: What makes the rain positive in terms of athletics is that it allows athletes to not have issues with overheating, and it’s always refreshing to have the rain to help cool off after a hard workout.


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