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Puck Whacking With Jamie Gerard


Jamie Gerard is a charming, puck whacking, athletic, karate chopping student at San Luis Obispo High School. She is able to juggle her senior year of high school, home life, and a very active sport. All while maintaining a positive attitude. Expressions interviewed this super student.

Expressions: How long have you been playing hockey?

Senior Jamie Gerard: Seven years.

Expressions: What got you into it?

Gerard: A neighbor saw me rollerblading on the street and told me I should play in the local league. When the season was starting up, he left the registration on my doorstep, so I signed up.

Expressions: Do you think it affects your school work at all?

Gerard: No I can almost always get my work done.

Expressions: Do you intend to continue playing after high school?

Gerard: Yes, there are a few adult hockey leagues around here that I plan to play in.

Expressions: What other sports do you like?

Gerard: I used to take karate, which was really fun. I still like to play badminton or soccer casually.

Expressions: What do you like to do outside of hockey?

Gerard: Outside of hockey, I work with animals a lot. I pet sit, dog walk, and volunteer at Woods.

Expressions: What is your team name?

Gerard: Right now I play on the SLO Tigers, which has high school kids from around the county on it.


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